USA Track LLC is proud to manufacture traditional tubular tinplate Standard Gauge toy train track entirely in the USA.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality track you can buy, identical in construction to the track made by Lionel 100 years ago.  Every component is made in the traditional fashion, including black oxide finished heavy gauge steel ties, tin plated steel rails, nickel plated steel track pins and robust fiber insulators.  Compare our track to the flimsy track being imported from China by other companies and you will see the difference in quality.  Compare the price, and you will discover USA Track products are less expensive.  USA Track LLC has the greatest selection of Standard Gauge track, and is prepared to work with you to meet your special requirements.  Please let us help you build a Standard Gauge toy train layout with the best track available.


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USA Track LLC Products


7" two tie 1/2 straight – Two for $6

7" three tie 1/2 straight – Two for $7

14" four tie straight – Two for $9

14" six tie straight – Two for $10

36" seven tie straight - $8

36" thirteen tie straight - $9

42" diameter three tie 1/2 curve – Two for $6 (16/circle)

42" diameter five tie curve – Two for $9 (8/circle)

57" diameter five tie curve – Two for $9 (12/circle)

72" diameter six tie curve – Two for $10 (16/circle)

84" diameter seven tie curve – Two for $11 (16/circle)

87" diameter seven tie curve – Two for $12 (16/circle)

All track sections are available with an insulated outside rails at twice the prices listed above.

 Note:  All dimensions are nominal, see next page for exact measurements.


Separate sale ties are $4/dozen, fiber insulators are $1/dozen, steel track pins are $2/dozen and plastic track pins are $4/dozen.

For historical reasons Standard Gauge track diameters are nominal. i.e., not exactly the named dimensions.  Here are the actual dimensions of all the available circles of Standard Gauge track:


(Centerline diameters indicated in red.   42, 57, 72 and 87 curve tracks result in concentric circles that are on exact 7-1/4" centers.)


STD42 (2.143 gauge, 2.268 c to c) 45-8/circle

arc=15.112, radius=19.241, diameter=38.482

arc=16.002, radius=20.375, diameter=40.750

arc=16.893, radius=21.509, diameter=43.018


STD57 (2.134 gauge,2.259 c to c) 30-12/circle

arc=13.873, radius=26.496, diameter=52.991

arc=14.464, radius=27.625, diameter=55.250

arc=15.056, radius=28.754, diameter=57.509


STD72 (2.125 gauge, 2.250 c to c) 22.5-16/circle

arc=13.254, radius=33.750, diameter=67.500

arc=13.695, radius=34.875, diameter=69.750

arc=14.137, radius=36.000, diameter=72.000


STD84 (2.125 gauge, 2.250 c to c) 22.5-16/circle

arc=15.683, radius=39.938 diameter=79.875

arc=16.125, radius=41.062 diameter=82.125

arc=16.567, radius=42.188, diameter=84.375


STD87 (2.125 gauge, 2.250 c to c)22.5-16/circle

arc=16.101. radius=41.000, diameter=82.000

arc=16.542, radius=42.125, diameter=84.250

arc=16.984, radius=43.250, diameter=86.500