USA Track LLC is proud to manufacture traditional tubular tinplate Standard Gauge (2-1/8” gauge) toy train track entirely in the USA.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality track you can buy.  Every component is made in the traditional fashion, including black oxide or nickel finished heavy gauge steel ties, tin plated steel rails, nickel plated steel or plastic lathe turned track pins and robust fiber insulators.  Compare our track to the flimsy track being imported from China by other companies and you will see the difference in quality.  USA Track LLC has the greatest selection of Standard Gauge track, and is prepared to work with you to meet your special requirements.  It is fully compatible with vintage Standard Gauge track, reproduction Standard Gauge switches and Ross Custom Switches. Let us help you build a Standard Gauge toy train layout with the best track available.

Please note that this track is not intended as a toy for children, or for the construction of floor layouts.  For best results it should be permanently installed using #6 pan head screws.


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