-2005 Imola/Imola M3 coupe


-Premium Package

-Cold weather package

-MKIV nav

-Bi Xenons

-Parking distance control

-adjustable side bolstering

-adjustable lumbar support

-HK audio

-Alu trim

-OEM alarm





-Ohlins street/track coilovers

-Ground Control Street Camber plates

-CSL front sway bar

-CSL rear sway bar

-TMS adjustable end links

-Dinan monoball RTABs

-AKG subframe bushings

-turner motorsport adjustable rear lower control arms (bushing ends)

-RE trans mounts




-Brembo 4 piston front calipers with 355mm slotted floating rotors

-Brembo 4 piston rear cakpers with 345mm slotted floating rotors

-Brembo stainless brake lines

-Brembo street pads

-Peformance Friction PF01 track pads

-Motul RBF 600 brake fluid




-18” RAC RG63 summer wheels with

-245/40/18 front 275/35/18 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sports

-18” OEM M3 winter wheels with

225/50/18 front 255/40/18 rear Blizzak LM 60s

-Turner Motorsport 75mm stud kit




-TFX projectors

-55w, 4300k bulb, ballast, and igniters for bixenon headlights

-55w, 3600k bulb, ballast, and igniters for fogs

-85w halogen highs

-LED reverse lights (extra bright)

-e9X LED license plate lights

-outer brake light ring enabled

-illuminating M3 door sills

-depo corner lights




-Vorsteiner CSL trunk

-Evolve Carbon Fiber roof

-Vorsteiner CSL splitters

-Fucy CSL diffuser

-Matte black kidney grills

-Matte black side gills

-Alcantara wrapped header liner

-Alcantara wrapped pillars

-Alcantara wrapped rear deck

-custom two tone imola/alcantara steering wheel with imola centering stripe, M tri color stitching, and extra thickness

-imola leather wrapped center console

-imola leather wrapped arm rest

-imola leather wrapped ebrake book

-Z8 ebrake handle

-M3 oval interior mirror retrofit

-35% tint

-vinyl M stripes on trunk badge (stock colors, less prone to fading)

-modern BMW wheel center caps

-shark fin removed

-painted reflectors

-“OBIOBAN” vanity plate

-Black BMW “M3” license plate frame

-OEM driver’s side keyhole cover (to deter thieves)

-M3forum.net sticker



Breathing (Intake/Exhaust)

-Schrick 280/272 cams

-SuperSprint Stepped V1 headers with Swaintech coating

-SuperSprint HJS catted section 1

-SuperSprint resonated section 2

-SuperSprint street muffler with custom 80mm slant cut non rolled tips

-OEM CSL airbox with Evolve ducting

-CSL IAT sensor

-CSL MAP sensor

-Eventuri ram air



Counter measures

-Laser Interceptor quad laser jammers installed inside of headlights


-Custom installed V1 remote display in instrument cluster

-Stealth 1 (allows me to mute the V1 with steering wheel controls)

-Speed cameras and red light camera warnings on stock nav

-Uniden 996T scanner with GPS, using factory radio antenna for reception

-Uniden 510xl CB (glove box)

-3.5’ fire stick antenna running along interior of CSL trunk lip

-Tow hitch mounted exterior 4’ firestick CB antenna for long trips

-brake light kills

-full rear blackout

-exterior light appearance adjustment switch

-electrochromic switchable glass license plate cover




-CSL based Evolve header/93 octane tune, custom dyno optimized

-SMG shift lights turned on

-Variable redline by gear (8200 in first, 8100 in second, 8000 in 3-6)

-post cat 02s turned down but left on (ready)

-secondary air pump sensor disabled

-valve for charcoal canister disabled

-cold start sequence disabled

-non sport throttle mapping

-sport button disabled for future alternate use

-sport mode memory enabled

-EGT tweaked for headers

-Top speed limiter removed

-Dyno limiter removed

-CSL warmup light values

-fire shooting/burbling/cracking on over rev

-cluster oil level display enabled

-SPAL fan control to Z4M values



Programmed options


-triple blink turn signals

-auto mute radio when in reverse (to hear PDC)

-display PDC sensor distances on nav screen

-car journaling enabled

-automatic date/time setting via GPS

-KCA-420i iPod module

-TUA-550HD HD radio tuner



-Custom v.32 OS with custom night mode that matches interior amber/red lights

-speed cameras and red light cameras with audio alerts (which can be disabled)

-custom splash screen

-perspective view

-aftermarket GPS receiver

-Both nav languages set to English

-warning disabled


Bluetooth module:

-Voice control enabled

-car bluetooth name altered


Light Control Module:

-Halogen highs on with xenon highs

-fog lights stay on with high beams

-brake force display enabled

-custom 4-way flash sequence

-side markers disabled (as stock in Europe)

-fogs retriggered to turn on with headlights

-euro LCM faceplates with rear fog button for brake light kill (front fog button) and full rear blackout (rear fog button) with in cluster indicators

-homeshine lights enabled

-fog light cold test disabled


DSC Module:

-M track mode enabled


Rear view mirror module:

-save custom reverse mirror aiming location


General Module:

-One touch close rear windows

-automatic locking at 10mph

-remote windows up by holding lock

-trunk open button disabled when car is locked

-car automatically relocks after 2 min if untouched in that time

-door key lock cylinder does not disable alarm

-windows keep closing when door is opened (including when car is off)


Climate control:

-automatic rear defroster when cold


Center Console switch module:

-seat heater temps turned up





-OEM Bluetooth


-Alpine KCA 420i

-64gb iPod touch (which syncs every time I pull into the garage) with nav integrated metadata

-Alpine TU-550HD radio with nav integrated metadata

-Modified BM53 for increased audio clarity

-factory aux input (used for TomTom dock)

-Alpine PXA-H100 audio processor controlled via intravee

-Rear speakers removed for weight

-front speakers replaced with light weight Polk 6501s 6.5” speakers

-HK sub replaced with single JL stealthbox with light weight sub for decreased weight and improved trunk space

-HK amp replaced with RF PBR300x2 for decreased weight

-trunk electronics moved to spare tire area for increased trunk space, decreased weight, and improved weight distribution.




-Dr VANOS cryo treated exhaust hub

-Beisan systems lifetime VANOS sealing plate o-rings

-Beisan systems lifetime VANOS solenoid

-Beisan oil pump disk

-Beisan VANOS rattle repair kit

-Beisan VANOS seals

-Beisan timing chain tensioner guide

-TurboToy cam bolts

-updated BMW high pressure vanos oil line

-lifetime CPV o-ring

-TMS subframe reinforcement kit with extra reinforcements

-BMW structural foam in subframe cavity

-e46 convertible rear floor

-updated BMW diff mount bolts

-RE rear upper control arm spring reinforcement plates

-RE RSM reinforcement plates

-BMW front strut tower reinforcement plates

-red powdercoated v-brace

-red powdercoated rear subframe

-red powdercoated subframe carrier

-red powdercoated front chassis plate

-red powdercoated trans brace

-extensive clearbra

-RRT lifetime front wheel bearings

-Clutched fan and aux fan removed, replaced with SPAL fan (improved water pump life)




-20% Auto solution SSK

-Turner motorsport pulleys (under driving power steering and alternator)

-AKG clutch pedal bushings

-CDV delete

-DIY clutch stop

-brake duct cover removal

-VAG trunk grocery bag hooks

-OEM trunk cargo net

-OEM horns replaced with Hella Horns

-OEM first aid kit drawer (under seat)

-CSL cabin air filter housing/backing plate (weight reduction)

-CSL vacuum rail (for MAP sensor bung)

-Homelink antenna extended

-rear window switches modified to be two stage

-2x ultimate cup holders

-Misc GoPro mounts all over car

-aux fan removed

-clutch fan removed

-engine shrouds removed (unnecessary without clutched fan)

-Charcoal canister removed

-valve for charcoal canister fuel line removed

-Secondary air pump removed

-Secondary air pump bracket modified

-lightweight ballasts installed in headlight housings, mounting brackets removed